PRICING: There are a large number of variables that contribute to the final price of a door. Options such as size, decorative glass, wood species, pre-hanging, finish, lock set, casing will affect the price. I have included in my gallery prices for many doors which I have reproduced a number of times. For others you might want to call to pin down some of the specifics in more detail before I arrive at a price.

As you might expect, assigning a price to custom work is difficult. Given the number of variables at work with each project the most helpful thing I can do is quote a range of prices. The first range of numbers gives you the extremes. The second indicates the range within which most of the doors fall most often.

Interior doors range from $800 to $2000.

Average price ranges between $900 to $1300

Exterior doors range from $1500 to $15,000.

Average price ranges between $1800 to $4000.

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DESIGN: We are makers of custom wood entry and interior doors. My goal is to arrive at a design that suits you and complements the design of your home. You may already have a design in mind or may be working with an architect who has some specific ideas for your doors. You might look through the portfolio section and find a door that works well, or one that gives you some ideas. Or you might be drawing a total blank. It's OK. We can help with the design. I like to think of the design process as a conversation with the result being a door that expresses something of your own sense of being and harmonizes with the style of your home.

DRAWINGS: Regardless of where the design originates, sooner or later drawings will have to be generated. The drawings may need to convey dimensions, material, structure, finish, hardware, and type of glass if there is to be glass. I'm happy to produce the drawings in the event you don't have the benefit of an architect. When I produce the drawings, I require a design deposit of $350.00. When the drawings are done, and the specifications are agreed upon, and you decide to order the door, the full amount of the design deposit is credited toward the door. I have already completed drawings for any of the doors in my portfolio.

TERMS OF PAYMENT: A deposit of 30% will place your project in the production schedule. Another 30% is due when the project is ready to begin fabrication. The final 40% is due when your door is completed and ready to deliver. If you cancel your order at any time prior to fabrication the original 30% deposit will be refunded. Once work begins on your door all deposits become non-refundable

SHIPPING: Depending on where you are and how large your door is, crating and shipping can range between $250 and $700. If you live within a 200 mile radius of Asheville or if you have ordered a house full of interior doors and you live on the East Coast, I will personally deliver your order for at a rate considerably lower than standard trucking rates.

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