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Floating World Wood Design is a custom wood studio engaged in designing and making one of-a-kind architectural elements, carved ornament, and sculpture. We specialize in custom and hand-carved wood entry and interior doors.

Why doors? The door is the focal point of any exterior. When we approach a house we scan the facade, find the door, and move toward it as if drawn by a magnetic force. The door is where we greet our guests and bid them farewell. At the end of a work day we pass through the door and leave a hectic and demanding public world behind. Inside we rejoin the comfort and safety of our private inner world. The door has been a symbol of transition because when we pass through, we change. Something shifts in our consciousness. A door deserves to be a thoughtful and beautifully crafted part of your day to day life.

Why carving? Carving simply offers a range of expression not available with other methods of woodworking. From classic ornamentation to personal iconography and words of greeting, carving can impart meaning and beauty.

The door is often a home's largest moving part, subject to almost constant use. There is a way in which a door defines a home. By reason of its prominent location and frequent use, a door begs to be a beautiful thing. A door deserves no less attention than a favorite piece of furniture.

I believe that a special quality is generated when everyday objects are crafted with care, attention to detail, and with purpose. A hand-crafted custom door, can add elegance to an otherwise modest exterior and reveal aspects of a home owner's individuality.

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